Monday, November 23, 2015

Time To Paint

It's time for the exterior painting to begin before it gets too cold.  The siding and trim are white which is a little too stark against the brick so I want to tone it down.  I have chosen Sherwin Williams  "Downing Sand".  It is a creamy beige that will blend perfectly with the brick.

These shutters will be changed to a craftsman style and I have chosen a dark brown. 
I needed some help in choosing the front door color so I headed back to Sherwin Williams.  We narrowed it down to two colors:  Slate Tile and Dried Thyme.

The painter even helped with my decision by painting a larger area for me.  

Dried Thyme won!  That door knocker needs a good polishing too. 

The railing is done!
I love how it follows the curve of the steps!

One project finished.  After it cures, we will stain it slate gray.

Many people have asked who is doing the construction. 

Now it is time to start the next project.

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