Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A "Busy" Kind of Project

Development of fine motor skills is important for toddlers and preschool children. Hands on activities stimulate a child's senses and encourage critical thinking.  Do I sound like a teacher?  During my 30 years of teaching school, I observed that children learn from "hands on" activities because it promotes application skills.  Have you seen "busy boards" or "sensory boards"?  Pinterest has so many ideas for them but they all looked like boards for boys.


We decided to make a girl's version for our granddaughter for her 2nd birthday.  We refer to it as our girl prototype. My husband built the base and then I sanded and painted it white. It needed some "girl" color so I taped it and painted pink stripes. 

Behind each door we placed a picture of each side of the family.

My husband then added all the goodies: latches, wheels, bolts, springs, etc.  All the little things that will promote tactile learning and dexterity of those little fingers. 

I painted the back with chalkboard paint. 

Then we had the real test of this little busy board prototype. 

I think it passed the test!  Now we have to make one for our other little granddaughter.  Our oldest even asked if we would make one for her without "baby" things.  Hmmm.  What would we put on one for a seven year old girl?  I need to do some research on that one.  Sounds like another prototype is coming soon!