Friday, November 6, 2015

The Demolition Continues

Finally out internet is working again so I can post the updates.  You don't realize how dependent you are on internet until you are without it for a few days. When the suspended ceiling in the basement was ripped out, wires were everywhere and had to be rerouted and redone.  

Here is what has been done since my last posting.

The master bath is being changed to a half bath so the tub was removed. 
The area where the tub was located was framed and will become a wall in the toilet room. 

The very short cabinet was removed and a newer and taller cabinet will be installed.

These cabinets were removed from that same bath and will be painted and reused in the new master closet.

The formal living room is going to become the master bedroom.  A door was cut out to go into the current master bedroom which is going to become the master bath and closet. 

 This small area was the original master closet.  This is not even big enough to hold my shoes so it is going to become a double sink vanity in the master bath. 

 The bathtub was located in this area on the other side of the framing.  This will now become a walk in shower in the master bath.  After tearing out the sheet rock behind the tub, we found a large septic pipe.  These are the kinds of things you find when you renovate an older house.  So on to plan B. The shower won't be quite as large as we wanted but it will work.  Just build a frame around the pipe.

Now for the basement:
Suspended ceiling has been removed.

The fireplace was removed. 

Now there is much more room.   Do you see that little dutch door in the back?  It opens to the back patio.  I need some suggestions.  Should we keep it or replace it?  I want to replace it with a french door.  

Now for the outside. 

 We still have lots of work to do in the back yard but this is a start.
Lots of overgrown shrubs were cut down and trimmed.

Now you can see the dock from the house without shrubs blocking the view.  

The cabinet builder came by today to measure for the kitchen cabinets.  Sheet rock has been delivered.  The electrical crew comes next week.  Oh and I get to buy new kitchen appliances next week too.  

Stay tuned for updates. 

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