Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sheetrock is Hung

I am starting to learn the lingo of the construction workers. They have been hanging "rock".  What a difference it makes too.  We can now see the actual rooms.  

The entry to the living room has been sheetrocked to become our bedroom.

The kitchen is done and the opening to the left is for the breakfast bar.

Basement is done and the suspended ceiling is GONE!

The walk in shower is done. It is going to be doorless.  I love the glass shower enclosures but I do not want to have to keep the  glass clean.  Been there done that!

While all of this has been taking place inside, a lot has been going on outside too.   A hand rail extending down to the dock is being added.  My husband and my son's father in law are building it.  It sure helps when walking up the hill.  It will be stained a dark color to blend in with the surroundings just like we did at our previous house.  

This is the fence my husband built at our former house. As you can see, the dark stain blends in with the surroundings really well.  I do miss that back yard, but I keep telling myself that the new one will look just as good when we finish plus it has water. 

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