Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A New Roof Over Our Heads

It has been eight weeks since we moved into our fixer upper and the worst part of the renovation is OVER!  For the last 3 weeks we have been living in sheetrock dust but now it is done and cleaned up.  The house is really starting to take shape.  A lot of work has been going on outside too.  We have a new roof over our heads.  

We chose a weathered brown that matches perfectly with the brick and the new paint.  

The white columns will be removed and replaced with rough hewn cedar.  

A new window was installed in the upstairs hallway.  This is what it looked like before:

When we saw this house for the first time, we knew that the current central unit must not be cooling properly since there was a window unit in the hallway. We had a new central unit installed just for the upstairs bedrooms. 

Now we have a beautiful view of the lake from the upstairs hallway!

Tomorrow the trim work begins.


  1. I remember when my husband and I built an addition to our house. There was only plastic sheeting covering the entrance from the addition to the house after they opened up the back part of the house to the addition. The dust traveled everywhere! A definite headache. But I loved the results.

    Pleasance Faast @ Shelton Roof

  2. Your new place looks really idyllic and your roof matches with the building perfectly. It looks high-quality and built to last. It's interesting to see the before and after photos. You've certainly had a lot of roof to deal with and I bet you're glad the work's complete. Now, you can finally settle in and start to enjoy that gorgeous lake view.