Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Chalkboards Aren't For School Anymore

This is part of my desk at school.
I haven't had an old fashioned chalkboard in my classroom for at least 15 years.  I always hated them because of all the chalk dust and my hands stayed so dry.  Then came along white boards that use dry erase markers, overhead projectors that use water based markers ( Then my hands were always covered in ink) .  Now it's a smart board, iPads, and projectors.  

Chalkboards have made a comeback, but not at school,  at home.  You can transform anything into a chalkboard now with chalkpaint.  

 I made this for my son and daughter in law's wedding rehearsal.  I got the picture frame and easel from Old Time Pottery and the chalk paint from Lowe's.  My husband cut a piece of plywood to fit the frame.  The wood was very rough after the first coat so I sanded and gave it a second coat.  

After the wedding, I brought it home and decided to use it in my living room.  There was one thing that was bothering me about this chalkboard.  

The back of it was ugly.
 I had so much burlap left from the rehearsal dinner tablescapes so I light went off in my head.   

I covered the back of it with burlap


I really like my chalkboard.  I can change the phrases with the seasons.

I'll tell you something funny, a parent made my teacher neighbor a little chalk board as a gift for her classroom.  She said that the kids thought it was so much fun to write on it because they had never used a chalkboard in the classroom before!  I thought about that, I teach 12/13 year old students and they have never used a chalkboard at school either!

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