Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Made For A Princess

Our granddaughter loves to play with her Disney princess dolls.  When we were at her house this past Christmas we noticed she had no place to display them so my husband did it again.  He made a cute little cabinet for her. 

This is the construction stage.
He added her name to the top.
Made for a princess!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Another Project Completed

Besides my husband building Pottery Barn knockoff tables, he was busy working on another outside project.  This one was a work in progress that started in September and finished just in time for Christmas.  The back of our house has an upstairs deck.  We don't use it very much because it gets the hot sun in the afternoon during the summer.  Home Improvement time again!

We added a roof over the deck.
 My husband tore out all of the old railing and we were going to install black wrought iron but we decided against it.  Instead, we recycled the old railing.  My husband once again put his talents to work.  He redesigned the railing using all of the old wood.  
It looked brand new after a coat of fresh paint.
Now we can use the upstairs deck during the hot summertime.
This is the winter view from the now COVERED upstairs deck.  But wait, there's more.
This pile of wood laying on our garage floor became the ceiling of our covered deck.
I stained all of the wood.  My husband then installed it.  See those boxes stacked in the background, that is another project that I will share next.

I love how it turned out.  It makes the deck seem like a room addition.  Now I can hardly wait till spring so I can do a little decorating on the COVERED deck.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Finished (Knockoff) Pottery Barn Table

It is finished!  I was all ready to do the staining/painting but my husband went ahead and completed it. He first put a coat of dark stain then wiped it off. When it dried, he then brushed a light coat of black paint and wiped it off.  After sanding it again, instead of putting a coat of polyurethane on it, he put a layer of clear paste wax.  When it dried, it buffed out to a nice shine.

 $100 vs $799!    I kind of like my Pottery Barn knockoff!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Pottery Barn Knockoff

I've been away too long but one reason is that we have been working on so many projects along with going to Tuscaloosa, Alabama every weekend for ballgames. I have so much to share but  I'll start with the one my husband began only 2 days ago.  
I love the Pottery Barn but everything in that store is so expensive. We have been looking for a long table to place behind the sofa in our basement and we found one we liked at the Pottery Barn.  The price we did not like, so the wheels started turning in my husband's head again.  He bought the materials and built one.  I must say that it is going to look just like the Pottery Barn table maybe even better.  

This is the table we found in the store and the cost (drum roll),  $799!  

This is the table that my husband built in one day.  He made it a little longer than the one in the Pottery Barn that is more suitable to the length of our sofa.
He even added the details at the top of each leg.  If you look really close at the magazine picture, you will see them.
Now it is my turn to try and duplicate the finish.  Off to Home Depot again!