Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Favorite Redo of the Year

I must do a better job this next year with my project postings.   The last time I posted a project was last July.  I want to share with you my favorite redo of this past year.  This was truly from trash to treasure.  

Last summer while on a luncheon and shopping spree with 2 of my best friends, we decided go into the Goodwill store and just browse around.  I found the ugliest piece of furniture.  It was a coffee table that looked like it was someone's first attempt at building something.  I wanted to try an experiment to see if I could transform it into something beautiful.  The price was only a whopping $5.84.  That's right FIVE DOLLARS EIGHTY FOUR CENTS!  Even if I messed it up, I haven't lost much so I bought it not knowing what in the world I would do with it.  It was heavy and I had to get someone to help load it into the truck.  

 I told you it was UGLY!  Whoever made it, glued floor tiles to the top.  But it had a solid structure. 

 It even has a little door that opens on the front.  I don't know why because it would be hard to store anything in it.  

 My husband put a brace between each of the legs.

 We ripped the floor tiles off the top and then sanded it.  By this time I had decided to make a bench out of it. 

It still looks ugly!   

 Next, I painted it with some leftover paint from a previous project.  

 I used a dry brush technique using some left over brown paint to make it look distressed.  It was starting to look better.  We then added some foam to the top and covered it with some fabric that we also had left over from a different project.  I wish I had taken pictures of that part of the transformation.  With a little bit of trim work and new handles, our new BENCH.......

 I wish the original owner could see this little beauty now.  Not bad for $5.84.  (The only other thing I had to buy was a piece of foam for the top)  I think my little trip to Goodwill was worth it. 

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