Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Farm House Decor, Ikea and Cakes

We have made some wonderful new friends since our move to Alabama and I want to highlight the beautiful home of one of those friends.  It has a mixture of a little modern, vintage, shabby chic, farmhouse and it blends so well.

Let me give you a little background on this lovely home.  It used to be a bakery/store and the owners have transformed it into a work of art.

This is what you see upon entering:

I just love this vintage cabinet that is being used as a sofa table.  She is a nurse and look how she used medical canisters as a vignette.  I love surprise elements in decorating.

Her husband likes to build things too and this barn wood coffee table is just part of his handiwork. 

The floor lamps are from Ikea and add a touch of a contemporary look. My husband and I had been looking for some floor lamps and liked hers so well that we made a trip back to Atlanta to buy them at Ikea.  We couldn't order them online!   

This is the highlight of the room.  Look at that beautiful farmhouse table!  Her husband made that too.  You can easily seat 12 people comfortably around that table.  We have been the recipients of food around that table several times.  That's another story because both of them can COOK and BAKE!

There are those Ikea lights again!

You can custom order a table like this from her husband.  He has a blog that features some of the things he has made.  Click HERE to see a video of this table and other projects he has done.  His work is unique and beautiful. There is a link on his blog to contact him in case you ever decide that you want a custom farmhouse table.

Now on to the guest room. Yes, he made the headboards!  Farmhouse meets shabby chic.  Love, love, love chenille bedspreads.

Now this is a chef's kitchen!

Who wouldn't dream of a food prep area like this!

Not only can her husband make beautiful pieces of furniture, he is a master baker.  Remember I said that this home used to be bakery. It was called Sugarbakers in Florence, Alabama.  Click HERE to see him work his magic.  When my son got married, we wanted a University of Alabama groom's cake.  Mr. C made that perfect cake.  It was not only beautiful but delicious!

Click HERE to see some of the other gorgeous and unique cakes that he made.

I hope you enjoyed this home tour.  I sure did.

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