Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Playing in the dirt with Driftwood/ and Silver Goblets

Recently my husband and I took a little trip to the flea market in Nashville.  There was a vendor that was selling pieces of driftwood at ridiculous prices.  I even found some on sale at Etsy.  This piece was selling for $45.00.

I even found links to them on Pinterest.

One day on one of our little excursions on the lake, we saw a piece of driftwood floating near us.  I put on my life jacket and hung from the side of the boat while my husband held my legs so I wouldn't fall in.  

It was the perfect piece, already hollowed out in the middle too. 

Add a little potting soil.

A few plants from Home Depot.

A little pea gravel that I already had on our pathways. 

On that same trip to Nashville, we went into this cute little gift shop that had a display using unique objects for planters.  

That silver goblet planter was listed at $78.00!  I am not kidding!

I remembered that I had 6 of these goblets still boxed in storage from our move.  I got one of them  and polished it and now I have a silver goblet planter that did not cost me $78.00. 

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  1. Love the driftwood planter! I think one would look nice on our porch table.