Sunday, September 16, 2012

Vintage Books

Since school started back I haven't much time to work on any projects.  The first few weeks of school are always very hectic.  Things are calming down now and I have been able to complete a few things.  This is my latest:

I have noticed that vintage book displays are very popular right now.  I have seen them in lots of gift shops and they are kind of pricey for old torn books so I decided to make my own.  

I went to a local thrift shop and bought 3 paperback books.
There were all kinds of books there and I found some that would be perfect. They were priced at $1.50 each and then I got a 50% discount. 

I tore off the book covers.
I left them outside so the sun would fade the pages.  Can you see the raindrops?  Yes, I left them in the rain too.
I actually left them outside for about a week so that the pages would have an aged look.

I added a little raffia and VOILA!
Not bad for a thrift store project.
I bought three books but I just couldn't tear the cover off this one.
I found a place for it in my guest room.  Right next to Tara.
I bought this a long time ago.  You can see the date on it.  Before we moved to our current home, we lived in Jonesboro, Georgia.  The home of Gone With the Wind.  So many things in the town were named after Tara.  My son even went to Lovejoy High School where the real Tara mansion was supposedly located.  Actually there wasn't a real Tara.  The plantation in the book was modeled after a relative's home  and it wasn't a large plantation. I could go on and on with stories about the history of the town.  I'll save that for a later time.
For now, it will stay here.

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