Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Pottery Barn Knockoff

I've been away too long but one reason is that we have been working on so many projects along with going to Tuscaloosa, Alabama every weekend for ballgames. I have so much to share but  I'll start with the one my husband began only 2 days ago.  
I love the Pottery Barn but everything in that store is so expensive. We have been looking for a long table to place behind the sofa in our basement and we found one we liked at the Pottery Barn.  The price we did not like, so the wheels started turning in my husband's head again.  He bought the materials and built one.  I must say that it is going to look just like the Pottery Barn table maybe even better.  

This is the table we found in the store and the cost (drum roll),  $799!  

This is the table that my husband built in one day.  He made it a little longer than the one in the Pottery Barn that is more suitable to the length of our sofa.
He even added the details at the top of each leg.  If you look really close at the magazine picture, you will see them.
Now it is my turn to try and duplicate the finish.  Off to Home Depot again!

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