Monday, July 16, 2012

My Husband to the Rescue

Sometimes it only takes a little pressure washing and paint to bring a piece of furniture back to life.  My mother in law had this cute child's bench in her back yard but over the years it had weathered.  Each time my grand daughter sat in it, dirt and grime would get all over her clothes.  (Drum Roll)..... My husband to the rescue!  After one of our visits, we hauled it back to our house for a makeover.  

This is a BEFORE Picture.  Would you want to sit on that?

It has cute little frogs and flowers but the colors are all faded. 
RD to the rescue! Bring on the pressure washer.
Look at the difference.

Which color should we paint the flowers to keep the whimsical look?

The Finished Bench.  It is so cute that I wanted to keep it for my porch but we took it back to Alabama to MeeMaw's house.
Now all the great grand kids can enjoy it.
Nap time!  (Sorry the pictures are blurry)

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