Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Very Organized Storage Room

I mentioned in a previous post that we had been doing a lot of work around the house for the last few months.  After completing most of the work on the outdoor kitchen and fire pit, we finally finished the basement storage and work room.  It was a long work in progress.  We actually started on it last June doing a little at a time on weekends and afternoons when we weren't too tired after a long day of work. (I should say when Mr. D. wasn't too tired after a long day of work.)  It is done!  Still have a few finishing touches but all the main work is completed. 
The ceiling went from this...

To this.
These cabinets were found in a junk pile. A building was being renovated and they were being discarded.  Mr. D brought them home and framed a wall around them.  They look like they were custom made. All of the yard tools are stored in here and out of sight!
Didn't quite know what we wanted to do to the floor so we decided to stain and seal it.  If it didn't work out, we could always change it.
We used a decorative concrete dye.
My son etched the floor to remove all of the dirt.

We then sprayed on a light color base coat.  After it dried, we sprayed on a darker color then sealed it.  This picture doesn't do it justice because it is very shiny.   It looks like the kind of floor you would find in a loft apartment.  I absolutely love it. 
Now we have a very organized and clean storage room.  Everything is in its place. 
Mr. D even carved out a little niche in the room as his workshop.  Notice we did that floor a different color.  I really like the contrast.
It's kind of weird that I get all excited about having a clean and organized storage room. 

Now I'm thinking of ways to DECORATE the STORAGE room!

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