Friday, October 7, 2016

My DIY Faux Pas

In my last post I mentioned that my decorating faux pas had to do with magnolia leaves. 
I thought I had it all planned out perfectly. 

This was my inspiration piece. Of course I found it on Pinterest and of course I pinned it to my Fall Decorating Ideas.  I even have a magnolia tree in my front yard.  

 I picked some of the prettier leaves off the tree and I turned a container upside down because I needed something to attach the leaves on.  I even washed the leaves with DAWN dish washing detergent to get off all the dirt and BUGS!

I had to tape the leaves all around the container because they kept falling off.

It looks really tacky at this stage.

Then I placed the pumpkin on top.  I loved it!

I even put little wax on the leaves to make them shine!

Well, I guess I didn't wash the leaves well enough because in just a few days the leaves were turning yellow and I found BUGS!  So I threw the leaves away and did this instead:

So much for my Pinterest inspired decor!

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