Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Fall Decor: I Finally Got Around To It

After seeing a lot of my friends' beautiful autumn decor, I decided that I needed to get on the ball. Last year we were in the process of moving and remodeling this house and I missed not be able to decorate for fall.  I finally get to do it.  

My husband made this planter box a few years ago. I just change out the flowers each season.

This hanging lantern used to hang in the screened porch of our previous home.  You can read about my knock off pottery barn lantern by clicking here.  I don't have a screened porch anymore so I filled it with pumpkins until I can find a new home for it.

I found this cute planter in a thrift store so I added an ornamental cabbage. I love shopping in thrift stores. You never know what you might find. 

These pillows were already on the swing, I just covered them in burlap for fall. 
You don't want to see the other side.  I wrapped them like wrapping a present but instead of using tape, I used safety pins. 

I covered the flower pots with burlap too.

Come on in and I will show you what I have done inside.

I placed dried Hydrangeas from my backyard to this dough bowl. 

 Living in the south, you just have to have cotton. 
This table display did not start out like this. That white pumpkin was part of a faux pas that I will explain later. 

I added gold stickers to this little white pumpkin.

This chunk of wood is a remnant from the cedar columns on the front of our house.  I pulled it out of the dumpster during our remodeling.

Come back later and I will fill you in on my decorating faux pas.  I'll give you a hint, it has to do with magnolia leaves.

Happy Fall Ya'll!

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