Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hide and Seek

Those of you from my generation and older (uh um) may remember the old Nutone intercom systems. 

In doing some research, I found that they are quite a collector's item now.  They are classified as "VINTAGE".  You can even find them for sale on Ebay.  I found this exterior one that sold for $30. 

It is similar to the one by our front door.  

It may be "vintage", but it is very distracting.  Every time I walk to the front door it is the first thing I notice.  We can't take it out because then there would be a hole in the brick. The only other option is to hang something over it.  But what?  My husband came up with an idea. 

He took some scrap wood from a previous project and added a galvanized letter. 

Out of sight out of mind.

While he was working on the plaque, I worked on a different project.  In the front yard there is a large bird bath. It's difficult to tell from this picture but it was "green" and over the years the color had faded. 

A can of stain later.

I dug up the old shrubs and added new mulch.  I'll add flowers later. 

I gave a little sneak peak of this earlier.  My husband created a new walkway.  

Then he added loads and loads of pea gravel while I spread the mulch.

All of the railing has been stained "slate".
Now for the fun part, planting flowers.

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