Saturday, March 12, 2016

I Finally Have A Girls Room

When we moved to be closer to our grandkids, it was my desire to create a "girls" room.  I wanted to have a place just for my granddaughters.  

I wanted to use pink and grey as the color scheme.  I fell in love with a duvet cover from The Pottery Barn until I saw the price tag.  Found a similar one for half the price from Amazon. The pink quilt came from Homegoods. 

Did you notice the picture that hangs above the bed?  My husband bought it for me.  He loves his girls!

This table has been used in so many ways.  It was once a dining table that belonged to my husband's aunt.  He cut off the legs and made a coffee table which was used previously in our son's college house, then in our sunroom.  Now it is a craft table for the girls.  

He made the crayon box too. 

I searched and searched for grey ottomans that were not too pricey.  I like sitting on them too. 

Pillow pets for all and a memory foam doggie bed!  

I had so much fun decorating this room.  There is one more thing I am working on and it has to do with playing "dress up".  Stay tuned.

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