Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What Do You Do With a Pile of Lumber?

You build a table or your husband builds a table.  Yes, he had another idea and built it in a day.  We have been looking around for a couple of weeks for a table to put on our porch.  The distressed chalk paint look is very popular right now.  I think we have looked in every consignment/antique store in our town. They are very proud of them too.  Even tables that are just pieces of junk are priced way too high.  We found one that we really liked but it was priced way out of our price range (for a piece of junk) so my husband took a picture of it and decided to construct it himself.  I must say, I like it better. 

Stage 1: Building the frame
Stage 2:  We decided to place the slats vertically on the bottom and horizontally on the top.
Now it's time for sanding and painting.
Do we go with a green base with brown dry brushed on top or vice versa?
We decided to go with a brown base with green on top.  Now it's my turn to paint. See that old towel, that's what I used to rub off the paint to get that distressed look. 
Decision time again.  Light stain on top or dark stain? We decided on the dark stain.

And now for the final reveal.

 In this picture you can see a little of the brown showing through the green. This is the distressed look we were wanting. 
We got the distressed look that we wanted.  The total cost of this project:  $50.00   That's right, just the cost of the lumber.  We already had the paint that was left over from a previous project.  I really like the way this turned out.  It was just what we wanted.


  1. Great job, Patti! I've been looking for a table like this myself and you're right, they are priced a bit higher than I want to spend. I want one for my sunroom, but a little shorter than yours. Plus I want that shelf on the bottom. I keep looking although I think if I could get my hubby on board he could probably make one for me using some pallets.

    visitng from WUW : )

  2. Oh my goodness this turned out so awesome!! I am going to show this to my husband ad hope that he will make me one! Thanks.