Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fiddleheads Are Coming

I love shade gardens and perennials. I planted these ferns and hostas four years ago and they come back stronger each year.  Perennials are so easy.  The ferns have really surprised me. I thought they would die during the winter but since I planted them under the stairway of my deck, it helps to protect them from the cold in the winter.  Right now it is so hot and humid that I have to water them everyday to keep them from wilting.  The underside of the fronds are covered in spores right now so it won't be long before I have new little fiddleheads popping up.  Can you tell that I am a science teacher?


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  1. Those are beautiful!! I'm a horrible gardener...will you do my yard next? :)

    ...Just stopping by from Alabama Bloggers to say hi!!