Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Our Alabama Christmas, Finally

Those of you who have been following me since our move to Alabama, know that we have been working on this fixer upper for over a year.  Last December, my husband and I felt like we completely missed Christmas because we were living in 2 little rooms in the upstairs of this house. 
The blue tarp you see in the picture below encased the stairway to our living quarters for four long months. While living upstairs, we painted and sanded the popcorn ceiling while the main floor and basement were completely gutted.  We were living in a big MESS.  Still to this day, I don't know how we survived, but we did!  The remodel I could deal with, but living in it at the same time was very difficult. 

Now that the house is done except for a few little things, we finally get to  celebrate Christmas in Alabama!

I don't mind walking in the front door anymore. 
Come on in.

No more blue tarp.

I love how you can see the lake in the background. We had to get a much smaller tree this year because we don't have the high ceilings in this house. 

The picture below was taken before the railing to the basement was installed.

Of course you can't tell by the picture but this tree rotates 360.  I've had this rotating stand for a few years and like how you can see all of the decorations because there is no front or back. 

Finally this year we get to actually have an Alabama Christmas!


  1. I love your Christmas tree


  2. Patti,
    I love everything! I'm so glad the majority of the work is behind you and you can enjoy this Christmas in your beautiful home!