Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Refurbished Bar Stools and Another Initial

This past fall when my husband had a roof installed over our deck, he added something else to the railing that was very creative and useful.  He added a small bar shelf that extends all around the deck. 

Now all we needed were a couple of stools.  We already had some that were in pretty bad shape so I got out the old trusty paint brush. 

You can see in these pictures the mold and dirt that was all over them.

The first thing I did was lightly sand them.

Then I gave them 2 coats of a solid stain. The color I used was Drift Gray.  This is the same color we used on the floor of the deck.  

I wanted to add something decorative to the top of each stool and after searching all over Pinterest, I found this!
Now to duplicate it....
I printed a font that I liked from Microsoft Word and taped to the top of each stool.

The next step was to trace and paint it.

I then buffed them with clear paste wax.  

The refurbished bar stools.
My breakfast view each morning.

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