Saturday, February 25, 2012

Let the Landscaping Begin

Patio  -Completed
Fire pit -Completed (and used for roasting marshmallows several times)
Outdoor Kitchen - Completed  (and used for cooking many times already)
Screened Porch - Painted
Rocking Chairs - Painted (and used for rocking a lot)
Storage room - Organized

A lot of projects have been checked off our "to do" list this winter.  Now it is time for the landscaping.  Spring is around the corner and we wanted to get a jump start on getting the backyard back into shape.  If you remember from an earlier post, this is what our backyard used to look like.

It hasn't been a pretty site after all of the construction was completed.  I did manage to save all of the azaleas, liriope, hostas, and sedums to transplant.  We removed all the stone blocks and donated them to a local high school.  The amazing thing was that the entire landscaping project was completed in ONE DAY!  They did an awesome job.  We still have a few little things that my husband and I will finish, but all of the hard work is done and the best part is that there is no more grass to cut in the backyard.  (Although I will have to replenish the mulch)
A dry riverbed was dug out.

You can see in this picture that the concrete stacked stone wall was removed.  It opened up the yard a lot.

Laying out the riverbed.

Setting the pattern for the stone walkway.

Check back later for the big reveal!

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