Thursday, February 3, 2011

I need a Little Spring

First it was the snow and ice and now it is rain. Last weekend we had 2 beautiful sunny days but it was just a teaser. It has rained all week so I decided to make my own springtime by making a little trip to "Michaels".

I started with a few cherry blossoms and a crystal vase that I already had.

Add a few twigs that I found in my back yard.

I then added some greenery. To make it look more realistic, I curled some of it around my finger.

Then I added some glass beads.

Add a little moss and it's done. Very simple.

I needed a little more color so I added one sprig of "Forsythia". Now I have brought a little spring into my home.


  1. I love your arrangement! Flowers really brighten things up during the
    long winter.

    I've extended an award to you, please feel free to pick it up anytime when you're free. Thanks :)

  2. What a great display of spring color! Love the way you layered all the elements of the arrangement. Only six more weeks and winter's over...(!)

  3. Patti, that is very springy, pretty! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you'll come & meet up with me when I do a bloggy lunch. I think it will be the weekend after Easter on Sat. the 30th at Le Madelaine. I'll announce it on the blog! I really look forward to meeting up with more bloggers here in ATL.